Oz helped me make a prosthetic piece for my LARP character B) aka did all the actual work making a mould and latex piece, I just sculpted and painted but for our first ever little collab it turned out pretty neato!
Just don’t look too closely, I used cheap plasticine the consistency of chewing gum so the blending in there was shite haha I think the paint job did a decent job hiding that and the edges.

It was a lot of fun and I can safely say that I am going to be addicted.

Anonymous asked:

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your art style is absolutely lovely, especially the softness of the colours and shading and the immense creativity, along with your skills in anatomy and textures that are seldom met by other artists

Ahh wow quite a few asks this morning- thank you!

Vibrant colours are a weak area for me and I would like to be more versatile, but I am glad people find the softer desaturated tones appealing too!

Unfortunately I lack too many sketches that portray the things you compliment me for currently, but here’s another for my answer+art combo

Anonymous asked:

Would you happen to have any tips for coming up with/designing an OC? (Thank you in advance for any help you offer, as I'm sure you're terribly busy)

Ah wow that is an interesting question- do I have any tips?
I don’t really go through any set process, I start in all kinds of places from visual traits, personality concepts, creature designs or features I want to portray- sometimes for a prompt or specifically to fill a role in a story…

I guess it just goes from finding one of these places that really jumps to you and rolling the ball from there- pushing the design and concept both in what defines their idea at the core, the logic and environmental factors that play into personality and image, and then the extremes of their personality. A lot of my characters tend to develop themselves through interacting with other characters and imagining scenarios I guess.

Not sure how helpful this is though, since I haven’t actually had this conversation about processes with other people so far!

Anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to tell us the entirety of the 'Pink Elephant' thingy?

But the joke is if nobody can interrupt you it will never end.

Maybe next livestream I have, if I do one any time soon, I will force any attendees to listen to it for as long as I am not distracted by other shenanigans

But really it’s not the same if you can write it out and people can scroll through the bullshit


Just a short post-con update for everyone who saw me there or found this page through my business cards!

I had a super fun time at Oz ComicCon (Melbourne) and I had some fantastic talks with a lot of people! Your support and encouragement really mean so much to me and I got some awesome commission prompts too!

I’m so sorry I was a bit gross behind the table this year as my con-cold started clawing its way in on friday- but I promise anyone I owe art to it won’t be too long for me to mail it all out <33




Commissions Now Open! ∠( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 」∠ )_

You can message me through my askbox, my deviantart, or e-mail me at Please just note that I’m still a newbie with pixeling, so I can’t do complex pixel pieces.

Want more than one character in the picture? You can another! The price of the second character will be half the price of the first character.

Paypal only please, you don’t have to pay until I finish the picture.


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