Since I received an ask about it-

A step by step look at how I tend to colour lately! I honestly don’t have any rules for myself but I do follow this process in reasonably similar ways when I do digital art.

I am honestly a very rough painter, too- I rarely spend a lot of time smoothing things out to perfection and that final overlay layer tends to add a lot more working lines to this method.
That being said, since this is just a mini-tutorial I implore the use of a little leniency on me and a little more care in using this method hahah.

EDIT: Resized because they were huuuuge hopefully this is better

timeangel18 asked:

I love your art style and colors very very much, and I was just wondering, sorry if you have already answered this, what program do you use when using the computer and what kind of pencils and/or pens do you use to draw. I would just love to know, thank you for your time! And have a nice day ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Thank you very much, and I don’t think I have!

Digitally I work almost entirely in SAI painter, bar things that require saving with transparencies and the occasional warping of certain things that Photoshop has some nice tools for!

Traditionally I use .7 mechanical pencils with either coloured lead for base sketches or straight in with HB-2B lead. When it comes to lineart and colouring I use straight up ballpoint pen sometimes or a mixture of fineliners (copic, ZIG and Faber-Castel ones to name a few).

Similarly I have a variety of brands when it comes to alcohol based markers  but my favourites are anything with a brush tip. My favourite brand of pencils are prismacolours- I think they’re delicious to blend with!

Over the years i’ve amassed a huge collection of pencils and markers and since there’s so many different brands it’s taken some learning to know which ones work together and which create a mess.

I hope this is along the lines of what you wanted to know! I’m happy to talk more about what I get up to when I do the art thing :>




Every now and then, months or even a year after a con I get a message from someone who has kept my business card and remembers me and my art-

This is really an amazing and truly touching thing for me- I feel wonderful and excited to come back and exhibit again at cons as well as getting to meet…

Anonymous asked:

who are those two demons gonna be? are they part of a story?


Not a full fledged closed story, i’m just slowly developing them into some ocs to roleplay with and draw!
The little one will be named either Bae or Bal whenever I settle on it, he’s a little roughousing spitfire runt who wants to be big and powerful.

The big one is his chaperone essentially, since B comes from a family of intellectuals rather than fighters, so he’s constantly around to keep B from causing fights.

If you’d like to talk more about them feel free to message me off anon haha